Mødested Amager

Cross-cultural meeting
Moedested Amager on 4th floor in the Kvarterhus

Night Church in Sundby Church

Every Friday 7-11 pm.

- In the middle of Amagerbrogade. 

 Stay for five minutes, half an hour or all evening - as you please!

Natkirke -frise


Welcome to Night Church

You may find out that God speaks to you if you are quiet for a while!

Silence can be hard to bear. You must wrestle a little with yourself to remain in silence. But once you get over the first five minutes, you will notice that something is happening within you.

You will not necessarily see Jesus with your inner eye, or a shining angel in white clothes, or other great visions. But something will happen deep within you, something will turn up in your soul. It could be a small, discreet sign from God, who knows?

It is our hope that you will meet God in the darkness and silence. The goal of Night Church is to create the space for such a meeting. That is why there is silence in the church. That is why there is only candlelight. That is why we will leave you alone - unless you contact one of us yourself.

You can light a candle. You can write a prayer and have it read aloud. You can ask to talk to one of the staff. You can also come to the priest for a private confession, if you need to ease your conscience and receive God's forgiveness.


Night Church program (everything is in Danish):

7 pm.: Night Church opens. The priest greets the congregation and we sing a hymn.

Between 8 and 9 pm: silence in the church. Silence is God's language. In the noise and information overflow of our daily lives, it is hard to hear Him. You can write a prayer to God, which will be read aloud later in the evening. Or you can light a candle for your hopes and longings, your fears and worries.

Give God a chance in the silence of Night Church.

You can also ask for a private conversation with one of the personnel. We are available all evening. There are two separate rooms for the purpose, so we can talk without disturbing the silence in the church.

At 8 pm: a short sermon

Silence in the church

At 9 pm: Holy Communion. 
Reading of prayers written during the evening

Silence in the church

At 10 pm: Absolution - the remission of sins Reading of prayers written during the evening Silence in the church

At 11 pm.: We sing a hymn. Night Church closes.



Night Church is a cooperation between Sundby Church and Community Amager.



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