Mødested Amager

Cross-cultural meeting
Moedested Amager on 4th floor in the Kvarterhus


The Wild Goose is Loose - in the Celtic church the wild goose was a symbol of the Holy Spirit. There is something wild about the Holy Spirit. See a beautiful series on the Holy Spirit Youtube HERE.


JESUS - the carpenter from nazareth


Christianity is centered on a historical event - a public execution in an ancient Roman province during the reign of Tiberius. The first Christians claimed to have been witnesses to an extraordinary event - their executed master, killed for blasphemy, had appeared to them alive. Many of them would pay for this claim with their lives. 

All of Christian faith rests on the resurrection - an event that is said to have taken place at a particular moment and place in history. The Gospels are ancient written sources that can be examined like other written sources from their time. The founding documents of Christianity have shown to abound with reliable material on first century Palestine and eyewitness accounts on the events surrounding the claimed resurrection. Below are links to presentations by serious scholars examining the Gospels as historical sources. And even though the resurrection itself can never be proven, all the available evidence supports the belief in this extraordinary event. 


Where's the evidence?

"Even the most critical historian can confidently assert that a Jew named Jesus worked as a teacher and wonder-worker in Palestine during the reign of Tiberius, was executed by crucifixion under the prefect Pontius Pilate and continued to have followers after his death." You can read the whole article on: http://www.reasonablefaith.org/the-evidence-for-jesus#ixzz4KmHEqzp



 Gary Habermas 

Gary Habermas on resurrection evidence from critical scholars




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Homicide Detective, J. Warner Wallace examines the Gospels




 Dr . Peter Williams


New Testament scholar Dr. Peter Williams on historical evidence for the Christian faith



Dr. Peter Williams on "Are The New Testament Documents Reliable?"



Turin Shroud

Can the Shroud of Turin, said to be the shroud of Jesus, be authentic? Watch an interesting BBC documentary

More on the shroud here.


 You can read the Bible in many languages here.




Jesus Portræt


Jesus Film - you can watch it here in a thousand (!)different languages 

"Jesus, the Opressed and the Oppressors" - watch Rev. Kenneth E. Bailey explain two stories about Jesus from a Middle Eastern perspective.

 (the picture is painted by pastor Kirsten Mørch-Nielsen, inspired by her near-death experience where she met Jesus. You can read her story in Danish here)      

How did Jesus view women? - Dr. Ben Witherington answers.







More about the Bible:

Find out more in the Bible - you can find it online in many languages and different translations here

Astronomer Hugh Ross tells about his observations in the Bible

Astronomer Hugh Ross about God and the Big Bang





JESUS - what's he doing now?

There are many people who say they have experienced God or Jesus - and that this encounter has changed their lives.

Brian WelchBrian "Head" Welch from Korn was changed by his encounter with Jesus.







David Wood

 David Wood found Jesus in the Bible when he sat in jail for violence.




















Nabeel Qureshi Nabeel Qureshi tells about his road to Jesus.  




























































inspired by jesus


Nick Vujicic 


Nick Vujicic TEDx talk about the way out of hopelessness "Turning walls into doors"






Nick On BullyingNick Vujicic talks about bullying  








 Steve Saint


Steve Saint tells about how his father was murdered by the Waodani people in Amazonas in 1956, and how he in the following years learned not only to forgive the murderers but to love them as his family.







Christians in a pluralistic society


A challenge to atheists - see "Atheist Delusion" here 

Jeff Fountain speaks about Europe's future and Christianity here

Dr. Michael Schluter talks about relationalism and the meaning of relations for society in Building together a relational Europe.

Mary Eberstadt on the sexual revolution - has it been good for women? - here

Vishal Mangalwadi speaks about the role of music in western culture "From Bach to Cobain. Losing the Soulf of Music and Hope." - here

HOPE talks - inspiring talks on issues facing Europe today

The Veritas Forum - a You Tube channel broadcasting university events on life's hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life, often with debates between Christian and non-Christian thinkers


Nabeel Qureshi, an ex-Muslim, gives his view on how we should respond to events such as the Paris attacks in November 2015 watch here

Nabeel Qureshi: Is Islam Really a Religion of Peace? watch here