Mødested Amager

Cross-cultural meeting
Moedested Amager on 4th floor in the Kvarterhus

Churches and Christian organizations

 Churches behind Community Amager:

in Amagerbro division:

Allehelgens kirke

Christians kirke

Filips kirke

Højdevangs kirke

Hans Tausens kirke

Nathanaels kirke

Simon Peters kirke

Solvang kirke

Sundby kirke


Vor frelser kirke



in  Amagerland division:

Dragør kirke

Kastrup kirke




   Kirken I København Logo

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Other churches (most of the pages are in Danish):

Adventist Church in Copenhagen

Amagerbro frikirke - a free church in Amagerbro

Apostelkirken - a Lutheran congreation with Farsi interpretation of services

Baptist Church in Denmark (the page is in Danish)

Cafekirken - a modern congregation with services on Saturdays at 3 p.m, partly in English - the congregation is a part of the Adventist Church

Church of Love - Farsi speaking, multicultural congregation in Odense with a branch in Copenhagen and in Århus (the page is in Danish and Farsi)

Copenhagen Christian Center - a charismatic congregation in Nordvest with services in many languages

Den apostolske kirke 

Hillsong Church, Copenhagen - a young, untraditional church with focus on music

International Church of Copenhagen - English speaking, ecumenical ministry in Copenhagen

Jerusalemskirken - a Methodist Church in Østerbro with Danish and English services (the webpage is only in Danish)

Købnerkirken - a Baptist church on Amager (the page is in Danish)

Methodist Church in Denmark - (the page is in Danish)

Migrantmenigheder - find a service in your own language (the page isn in Danish, an English version is under production)

Mosaik - a network of evangelical, pentecostal churches in Denmark

Netkirken - contact a pastor online (the page is in Danish)

Salvation Army in Denmark - (the page is in Danish)

Saint Anne's Church  - a Catholic church on Amager

St. Alban's Church - English speaking, Anglican church in Copenhagen

Vineyard København - an untraditional congregation in Copenhagen with focus on community - a member of Vineyard churches

Zion temple CC - an international, non denominational congregation on Amager




Christian organisations and societies in Denmark:

Areopagos - a Christian organisation working with cross-religious issues (the page is in Danish)

Better World Denmark - a Danish charity organisation connected to the Redemptorists

The council of International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark - contact to other Christian churches both nationally and internationally

Danmission - a Lutheran mission organisation

Dansk Europamission - a mission organisation with special focus on persecuted Christians around the world. They also provide aid in crisis areas and support development projects.

Folkekirke og religionsmøde - Danish Lutheran Church cross-religious platform

Ikon Danmark - a Christian organisation under Danmission, working with cross-religious issues (the page is in Danish)

I Mesterens Lys - a fellowship of people who want their lives to be centred on Jesus Christ

Internationalt Kristent Center - International Christian center, offers lessons in Danish

Kirke Care -   an inter-denominational street initiative in Hillerød, inspired by Street Pastors in England (see a link further below)

KIT-Denmark - works for the integration of new Danes into Danish society in cooperation with many denominations

National council of churches in Denmark - a national council of churches and church related organisations in Denmark

Samvirkende menighedsplejer   - Danish Lutheran Church' social work (the page is in Danish)

Tværkulturelt center - network and resource center for churchly work with integration  (the page is in Danish)

Åbne Døre - part of Open Doors International, who serve persecuted Christians around the world in many ways.


Outside Denmark: 


The Conference of European Churches an ecumenical fellowship of Churches in Europe

Jubilee Centre - a Christian social reform organisation that offers a biblical perspective on contemporary issues and underlying trends in society, of relevance to the general public.

Open Doors International  - serving persecuted Christians around the word. There are national offices in 25 different countries.

Refugee Highway Partnership - an international Christian organisation to help churches in serving refugees

Sat-7 - a mission organisation providing the Middle East and North Africa with Christian TV-services. 

Schuman Centre -       promoting biblical perspectives on Europe's past, present and future. A virtual, interdisciplinary centre of the University of Nations.

Street Pastors -  an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems in England, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue


Ecumenic communities of spirituality and alternative lifestyle:

IONA Community - The Iona Community is an ecumenical Christian community of women and men who seek to live out the Gospel in a way that is radical, inclusive and relevant to life in the 21st century. 

Taizé - the Taizé Community is made up of over a hundred brothers, Catholics and from various Protestant backgrounds, coming from around thirty nations. By its very existence, the community is a "parable of community" that wants its life to be a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and between separated peoples. 



  • 1st Sunday of the month


    Next time on Sunday, November 4 at 5 pm. in Nathanael's Church

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  • Every Friday 7-11 pm.

    Night Church in Sundby Church

    Silence, soft music, contemplation

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  • once a week in Solvang Church


    Mahabba is passionate about motivating and mobilising ordinary Christians to love their Muslim neighbours and to help churches to mentor and multiply dynamic communities of disciples.

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