Mødested Amager

Cross-cultural meeting
Moedested Amager on 4th floor in the Kvarterhus

Interesting Christian links


Bethesda bookstore - a Christian bookstore in downtown Copenhagen, just next to Torvehallerne

Intervarsity Press - a Christian publishing house in the USA, with academic and studybooks, as well as general-interest books on Christian issues. A division of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

www.kitab.org.uk - Interserve resource page with books, dvd's etc. for Christians in contact with other religions 

www.mahabba.org - a resource page in Arabic

www.masih.info - a text with a dialogue between a Christian and a Muslim on The Messiah in different languages


The Christian faith in different areas of life: 

Christfulness - Christian meditation from I Mesterens Lys fellowship

First Things - Journal published by Institute on Religion and Public Life - an interreligious, nonpartisan research and educational organization

Jubilee Centre - A Christian social reform organisation, that offers biblical perspective on contemporary issues and underlying trends in society, of relevance to the general public

Relational Thinking  - a non-profit think tank based in England, inspired by Judaeo-Christian tradition, it seeks ways to build a society with more focus on sustaining relationships


Why the Christian Faith?

Cold Case Christianity - J. Warner Wallace's homepage on apologetics and Christian faith. Wallace is also the author of many books on the subject.

Cross Examined - a webpage dedicated to addressing questions about the Bible and faith, particulary to young people and students.

Dr. Gary Habermas - the webpage of a historian specialized in issues around Jesus death and resurrection

Grace for Muslims    - Steve Bell on contact between Christians and Muslims

Reasonable Faith - dr. William Lane Craig's webpage with articles, videos, podcasts and links on apologetics, theological issues, other religions etc. both for general public and for scholars

Reasons for Jesus - a former New Age blogger's homepage on Christian faith

Reasons to Believe - Dr. Hugh Ross webpage on science and faith

Sean McDowell - Associate professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University. The webpage contains videos, articles and other material


Read or listen to the Bible online:

Bibelselskabet - Danish Bible Society

Bible Gateway - Bible translations in many languages, also Bible reading plans etc.

Biblica - read the Bible in many languages

New Neighbour Bible - Bibles and material in the languages today's refugees in Europe speak. A new homepage, which will be extended in the coming months.

Talking Bibles  - Listen to the New Testament in different languages

The Bible League - dowload Bible texts for free in many languages



Christian Today - an independent and inter-denominational media company serving the world wide church with the latest Christian news

Christianity Today - an evangelical online magazine

Katolsk magasin -      a Danish independent, free online news magazine, written and edited by Catholic lay persons 

Katolsk orientering - Catholic newsletter in Copenhagen

Kirken update - a monthly selection of news from both Danish and English media, run by Danish Mission Council 

Kristeligt dagblad - a Danish daily with a Christian focus

www.kristendom.dk - the biggest portal on Christianity in Denmark (in Danish)

Udfordringen - a Danish cross-denominational weekly on Christian issues