Mødested Amager

Cross-cultural meeting
Moedested Amager on 4th floor in the Kvarterhus



In our network in Copenhagen:

Folkekirkens Asylsamarbejde - helps coordinating and developing Danish Lutheran Church social work among asylum seekers and refugees as well as offers advice in questions related to baptism and conversion.

Intercultural Work of Indre Mission - located in the heart of the city next to Torvehallerne.

Mødestedet på Vesterbro - Danmission's work among refugees and immigrants in Denmark, with base in Vesterbro, Copenhagen

The Intercultural Christian Centre - a national network and resource center for churchly cross cultural work in Denmark - in Danish: Tværkulturelt Center




Asylret - (Right of Asylum) legal councelling, support and care for asylum seekers

Café Cadeau - a non-profit café in Frederiksberg with a drop in center for immigrants

Café Julius - a non profit café on Skotlands Plads in Amager. They support projects in Nepal.

Folkekirkens Tværkulturelle Samarbejde - Danish Lutheran Church cross-cultural initiative in Odense

Globalnyt - news from the third world (in Danish)

My Asylum   - an association and a support group  assisting asylum seekers stuck in the system

Neighbourhood Mothers  - a volunteer organisation offering practical help to immigrant women

New Times - an English language magazine written by asylumseekers in Denmark 

Sameksistens - intercultural news in Danish

Refugees Welcome - a small humanitarian organisation offering free legal councelling and assistance to asylum seekers

Trampoline House - a non-profit, user-driven culture house for asylumseekers and anybody else to meet and share experiences on equal terms

UVU - Foreigner Guides Foreigner - voluntary guidance to immigrants and people of another ethnic background on higher education in Denmark

Venskabskontakt - a cross-denominational homepage to connect refugees and asylum seekers with Danes (in Danish)

VerdensKulturCentret - a public center located in Nørrebro, housing, supporting and developing world culture events 

Verdensnyt - news from around the world with special focus on the third world (in Danish)


 Outside Denmark:

International Association for Refugees

Refugee Highway Partnership - ian international Christian organisation to help churches in serving refugees

We Welcome Refugees - a gathering of Christian organisations to support work with refugees