Mødested Amager

Cross-cultural meeting
Moedested Amager on 4th floor in the Kvarterhus

The purpose of Community Mødested Amager


The purpose of Community Amager is to be a meeting place where people and communities can meet across ethnic, cultural, religious, and social divides in an atmosphere of respect and understanding. Community Amager aims at being a part of the local community and tries to affer a helping hand in different ways.

Community Amager is a project within the Danish Lutheran Church, and our special target groups are non-ethnic Danes (those with a background or roots in places other than Denmark) with Christian and other religious backgrounds and Danes that are not baptized. The daily work is led by two pastors and an intercultural secretary together with a group of volunteers. Welcome!

Community Amager offers community in terms of intercultural evenings, interreligious dialogue, group discussions, cultural arrangements, excursions, and home visits.

It offers Danish lessons and the possibility of conversing with a Dane on an individual basis, personal and spiritual counseling, and practical help, for example with writing letters to the public authorities or understanding letters they've sent you.

Community Amager also offers religious education, interreligious encounters and dialogue, preparation for baptism, an introduction to Christianity, Bible study groups, and it holds monthly international services where both Danish and English are used.